It is useful to have some historical information about Female Pilot Groups

A.P.I. (Associazione Pilote Italiane), the Italian Female Pilot Association, was founded in Biella in 1979 by Fiorenza de Bernardi, with Graziella Sartori, Franca Grosso and Gigliola Scorta.
Its purpose was to allow the largest number of female pilots to meet in order to jointly face the problem of the introduction into the professional world.
Fiorenza de Bernardi has been an airline pilot since 1967 (the first one in Italy, the fifth one in the world).
Initially alone, then with a growing number of international female pilots, meetings were held, friendships established, "battles" were fought with the Airline Companies to facilitate women employment.
It was a successful activity and today a large number of female pilots exists, also Captains, in every area of the world.
Those who are members of API are also members of FEWP (European Female Pilot Federation).

1979 Le Bourget, France
1980 Paris, France
1981 Zell am See, Austria
1982 Montegrotto, Italy
1983 Castle Donington, GBR
1984 Baden Baden, Germany
1985 Genève, Suisse
1986 Vienna, Austria
1987 Atene, Grece
1988 Orange, France
1989 Neuchatel, Suisse
1990 Portorose, Slovenja
1991 Alassio, Italy
1992 Lubecca, Germany
1993 Rochester, GBR
1994 Vienna, Austria
1995 Roma , Italy
1997 Dresden, Germany
1998 Monaco, Germany
1999 Luxembourg
2000 Stratfort on Avon GBR
2001 Firenze, Italy
2002 Beaune, France
2004 Salzburg, Austria
2005 Trento, Italy

The ISA + 21 is one of the most important and largest international groups. It is the International Female Airline Pilots.
In the United States, 21 were the female pilots that gathered to create this association. They meet every year in a different part of the world and so far meetings were held in:

1984 Seattle , Washington
1985 Sydney, Australia
1988 Rome, Italia
1989 Maui, Hawai
1990 Washington, D.C.
1991 Helsinki, Finlandia
1992 San Francisco, California
1993 Atlanta, Georgia
1994 Vancouver, Canada

1995 Bagkok, Tailandia
1996 Fort Worth , Texas
1997 Amsterdam, Holland
1998 Las Vegas, Nevada
1999 Paphos, Cipro
2000 San Josè, Costa Rica
2002 New Orleans, Louisiana
2003 Zurigh, Svizzera

However, the Ninety-Nines was the first organization in the world; its president was Amelia Earhart, the first woman who flew across the Atlantic Ocean alone. The Ninety-Nine, during the second world war WASP pilots (Women Airforce Service Pilots), became famous carrying out many in flight services skilfully and bravely. Currently, API the previous Italian pilot association has changed its name and has become A.D.A (Associazione Donne dell'Aria - Association of Air-Women) and includes, in addition to female pilots, also parachutists, Airport Directors and Air Traffic Controllers. ADA are the equivalent of WOMEN IN AVIATION, the other large international group that includes all women working in this sector, also military pilots.
In the United States and in the UK there are many of them. Presently, a European Women in Aviation group has been created and organized by A.D.A. member Michelle Bassanesi.